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User-Friendly Custom Software Applications

User-Friendly Custom Software Applications

Audit Project Management (APM) Web Application

The APM application is used by a Texas auditing firm to track auditing projects through pre-defined stages of work. Project contracts are generated by ARM using templates that users create for different client types and for different project types. Auditors enter work time, mileage, and other expenses as they work on projects. ARM generates multiple analytical reports including cash flow, profit-loss, task completion, and more in Excel and PDF formats. A total of forty different reports can be generated by ARM. Automated emails are sent to selected application users when projects reach selected status levels. ARM also creates the appropriate client invoices when projects reach selected completion stages. ARM has been used to manage over 2,000 projects.

Federal Inspector Expense Management (FIEM) Web Application

The FIEM application is used by an agency of the United States federal government. Federal inspectors for a branch of this agency use the application to submit requests related to their own certification as inspectors. Administrative staff use the application to receive and respond to the inspectors’ requests. Approval documents are created when an administrative staff person approves a request. The application also tracks payments made to vendors for the services requested. Automated emails notify supervisors and administrative staff at preselected points in the request-approval process. This application has been in use across the USA since 2005.

High Profile Executive Tracking (HPET) Web Application

HR staff for an international technology company use the HPET application to track career developments for the top 100 executives world-wide in the company.

Hospital Reimbursement Tracking (HRT) Web Application

The HRT application is used by a company that helps hospitals verify the accuracy of provider reimbursements for patient hospital stays. HRT imports patient hospital visit information and assists company staff in verifying the accuracy of provider reimbursements to the hospitals that are clients of the company. HRT has been used to analyze provider reimbursements for more than seven million hospital visits. HRT generates invoices for the company’s clients which are printed in PDF format then exported to the QuickBooks company file.

Investor Quarterly Reports (IQR) Web Application

The IQR application is used by a commercial real estate investing company to capture data from multiple QuickBooks company files. IRQ integrates the QuickBooks data into quarterly analytical investor reports for multiple investment funds in PDF format. The application can generate investor disbursement checks based on percentage of ownership of a fund. The checks created by the application can then be exported to QuickBooks.

Surgical Outcomes Study (SOS) Web Application

The SOS application was developed for an international surgical implant company. Physicians across the USA enter detailed patient data for a ten-year follow-up study of surgical implants. Physicians can access the data for reports on their own patients’ progress. The surgical implant company generates reports using the data from all participating physicians to analyze the surgery results by diagnosis, gender, age, etc.

Work Attendance Tracking (WAT) Web Application

The WAT application is used by an industrial services company to track work time and allowed time away for union employees of a branch of the company. Automated features of WAT calculate accumulated vacation and sick days for each new calendar year. Other automated features alert administrative staff when employee limits have been reached.

Other Applications

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Marine Hose Inspection Tracking Web Application
Patient Care Application for a Home Health Care Agency
Petroleum Products Packaging Plant Management Web Application for a Major Oil Company
Plastic Recycling Plant Management Application
Real Estate Broker Continuing Education Certification Application
Recruiting Management Application for a Medical Personnel Recruiting Company
Retail Water Conditioning Equipment Sales Tracking Application for Retail Water Conditioning Stores
Sales and Manufacturing Application for an Oilfield Equipment Company
Sales Tracking Application for a Cement Ready Mix Company
Wound Management Protocol Application for a National Medical Services Corporation

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